HL 2 Biology

E.4b Neurotransmitters & Personality

<<Transmitters and Synapses>>

  • Synaptic Transmission
    • action potential in pre-synaptic neuron
    • release of neurotransmitter (to synaptic cleft)
    • neurotransmitter binds to receptors in membrane
    • action potential stimulated in post-synaptic neuron
  • Synapses
    • more than one pre=synaptic neuron = able to form synapse with same post-synaptic neuron
    • often a single release of NT from 1 pre-synaptic neuron = insufficient for ST to occur
    • For sufficient effect:
      • continuous release of NTs from one pre-synaptic neuron
      • release NTs from various different pre-synaptic neurons
    • excitatory: NTs that stimulate action potentials in post-synaptic neurons
    • NTS could have different effects/inhibit action potentials
    • only one type of NT released by neurons
    • pre-synaptic neurons thus can either excite or inhibit post-synaptic transmission
    • interactions b/w excitatory and inhibitory neurons if many synapses are present between pre-synaptic neurons and post-synaptic neuron

<<Psychoactive Drugs>>

  • many synapses in brain
    • these synapses use various NTs
    • over 100 different brain NTs
  • psychoactive drugs affect brain + personality ; through alterations in these brain synapses
  • excitatory drugs: increase post-synaptic transmission
    • e.g. Nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines
  • inhibitory drugs: decrease post-synaptic transmission
    • e.g. benzodiazepines, alcohol, THC

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  1. Grade 4 A good general understanding of the required knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply them effectively in normal situations. There is occasional evidence of the skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

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