HL 2 Biology

E.6d Food, Sleep, Sex

Foraging: searching for food

  • animals need to decide: what type of prey to search & how to find it
  • availability of food often varies due to : space & time
  • foraging behavior – needs to change (to optimize food intake at any time)

Rhythmical behavior: 

  •  can follow daily cycles

Exaggerated traits

DBQ: Rhythmical Behaviour Patterns (p.335)

1) The rhythmical behavior patten of bats in the autumn show the flight of the bats decreasing as time goes on. Also, the flight is very short in comparison  to the other seasons such as summer.

2) a) The ate in the summer undergo a longer flight than they do when they are in the autumn season. Also, the sunset causes the flight to be shorter as we’ll, possibly from the taking of time.

b) The difference in behavior may be due to the ability to raise chance of fertilization and reduce the chance of predation. During the summer, it may be that the bats need to flit for longer to find food that will last for a longer period of tim.e

3) The behavior shows rhythmical variation since it shows an annual cycle of the flight behavior through spring summer and autumn.




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  1. Grade 5 A consistent and thorough understanding of the required knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply them in a variety of situations. The student generally shows evidence of analysis, synthesis and evaluation where appropriate and occasionally demonstrates originality and insight.

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